Aboriginal Culture in Cairns

As everyday Australians it is not often that we get to  experience the culture of the original inhabitants of Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders only make up a small percentage of the Australian population, but their culture and traditions are being kept alive by dedicated indigenous communities throughout the country.

One of those communities is the people Tjapukai people of Kuranda. “Tjapukai” is translated to “Rainforest” and “Buma” which is what the Tjapukai are also often referred to as, means “people of the rainforest”.

On the way to Kuranda, near the bottom of the Skyrail is located the Tjapukai Cultural Park. Opened in 1987, the park is a 25 acre park, claiming the title of Australia’s largest indigenous culture park and it is very popular with the tourists of Cairns.

The park holds sessions where you can learn about the people’s history, customs and culture. You will also be able to experience things like dance and music (something that is central to the indigenous way of life) including learning how to play a didgeridoo. You can also get in-touch with your inner hunter by trying out some spear and boomerang throwing activities which are a big hit with the kids.

Overall it’s a must see attraction for adults and kids alike. It is essential that we support these types of cultural attractions as we want this important culture to still be thriving in 100 years time, it is an important part of Australia’s identity, and one that we should all embrace.

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