Use Bali Huts and Tropical Plants in Your Backyard

Create a Tropical Retreat in Your Backyard in 10 Easy Steps

Are you yearning to go on a vacation to Cairns but simply have no time to? Most of us would love to go on a break, but with these 10 quick, easy steps, you can make the vacation come to you, right in your backyard. By working with different plants, colours, textures and accessories, you can turn your backyard into the tropical retreat you’ve always dreamt of!


  1. Use Members of the Orchid Family

The orchid family consists of a diverse range of brightly coloured, exotic looking flowers that are certain to create a tropical atmosphere in your garden. No matter where you decide to put them (hanging in baskets from tree branches, or amid the foliage), they’ll remind you of your favourite vacation destinations!

  1. Large Leaves Look Luscious

Plants with large leaves add a dramatic effect to your garden. They are reminiscent of rain forests and jungles, and always invoke a certain mystery about what’s hiding underneath them. Hostas and Ligularia, on the smaller side of larger leaves, fit into any garden perfectly, without over-powering the other plants!

  1. Layer Your Plants

Layering your plants, not only by textures, but also by size, can add an interesting effect to your garden, and can be used to cover unwanted objects and distracting features like a neighbour’s property or wall.


  1. Combine Different Coloured Foliage

In tropical climates, leaves can often be just as colourful as flowers! Using foliage as a source of colour is a great way to vary your plants and to avoid over-using different flowers just to get more colour into your backyard. Foliage also doesn’t rely on a bloom cycle and is therefore a more permanent fixture than many flowers. Copper Leaf and Persian Shield are perfect examples of these

  1. Bright Vines Make a Difference

Many vines native to the tropics flourish equally well in more temperate-zones; passion flowers and golden trumpets are great examples of vines that can add bursts of colour to walls, and fixtures!

  1. Bright Flowers Attract Bright Butterflies

A colourful garden full of different plants and flowers is more than likely to attract colourful butterflies and birds to your garden – adding an even more tropical, magical feel to your backyard. What’s a tropical retreat without some exotic wildlife?!

  1. Go for Green

It may seem obvious, but when it comes to creating a tropical garden, or any garden for that matter, the greener the better. It has a calming, fresh effect that makes you want to spend more time outside, even on some hot summer days. Add plants that provide some shade, for example philodendrons with large leaves.


  1. Textures Add Range and Diversity

Layering different textures, colours, shapes and sizes is an essential component to any garden design. Combining leaves with long ridged edges with a plant with more smoothly textured, round leaves can have a surprisingly exotic effect! Mixing different textures also adds to your garden a certain spontaneity reminiscent of tropical jungles!

Building real timber structures that use native timber instead of steel will add a huge amount character to your yard while mimicking the natural environment. Bali Huts in Brisbane have recently become extremely popular, with people putting these amazing thatched roof gazebos in their pool areas and  bbq areas to create the ultimate tropical oasis.

Brisbane Bali Huts


  1. Water Makes the World Go Round

Water features can add an element of tranquillity to your garden. Whether it’s made available in a waterfall or as a longer water feature, there’s something about the sound and look of water flowing that’ll make you imagine a stream in the middle of a rain forest!

  1. Add Stones

Create a natural looking pavement with any stones that are available to you; they add a more authentic feel to your garden. You can match the stones to your garden and plants, as well as to your home’s exterior.

Now that you know the basics, improvise using these points as guidelines and follow your instincts! Don’t be afraid to experiment – create your own backyard oasis as you envision it!

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