Smart Outdoor Livings in Cairns

It is very important to get the right design especially if you live in our tropical climate. You will have to have to spend a lot in order to keep your home cool if your home is not designed for the climate. This is true, especially during the long hot summer.

Of all the investments you make, your home is the biggest investment. This is why it is very important to think about how you can increase the value of your home, save money spent on running costs and have a home which is very comfortable to live in.

By making your home cool, you can achieve all this without having to pay more than a standard home. You will also feel good having such kind of home because you will have reduced the demand on resources and reduced environmental footprint.

This guide is meant to help you work with your designer or architect and builder to enable you incorporate tropical design features into your home right from the contemporary block home to the popular Queenslander and anything else in between. Whether you are renovating your existing home or building a new one, this information was written with you in mind to help you make your home cool.

The Cairns region is usually wet from December to April and dry from the month of May to November. During the hot summer wet season, Cairns experiences prevailing north and north-easterly breezes. The region experiences south and south-easterly trade winds the whole year.

The region experiences temperatures of between 23 to 31 degrees and high temperatures during the summer months.

This can make living conditions uncomfortable and make it hard to keep the home environment cool. Therefore, it is very important to design a home that keeps out heat and maximizes opportunities for cooling breezes.

Well-designed outdoor living areas in tropical areas are among the most popular rooms. The outdoor area needs to be open to prevailing breezes and should also have an insulated roof to stay cool.

You should plan shading in outdoor areas to offer protection from the rain and the sun. It should include things like sails, pergolas, awnings and verandas. Vegetation in outdoor areas can provide shading and breeze filtering which can help enhance the view.

– Install some Sydney outdoor blinds on your patio. These blinds will protect your patio from the sun and help shade it, these work really well when combined with an outdoor fan.

– Create weatherproof, well ventilated outdoor living areas that can easily be accessed from the rest of the house. To make the most of these spaces, you should install screens, fans and power outlets.

– Increase the indoor-outdoor connection of your home by opening on to courtyards, verandas, and tropical gardens with large doors and windows.


– Use eaves to provide protection to outdoor living areas from rain and make them livable all year round.

– Large shade trees can make the outdoor areas cool and filter breezes.

– Courtyard spaces between pavilions create useable outdoor spaces and provide access for breezes to enter the home.

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