Smart Outdoor Livings in Cairns

It is very important to get the right design especially if you live in our tropical climate. You will have to have to spend a lot in order to keep your home cool if your home is not designed for the climate. This is true, especially during the long hot summer.

Of all the investments you make, your home is the biggest investment. This is why it is very important to think about how you can increase the value of your home, save money spent on running costs and have a home which is very comfortable to live in.

By making your home cool, you can achieve all this without having to pay more than a standard home. You will also feel good having such kind of home because you will have reduced the demand on resources and reduced environmental footprint.

This guide is meant to help you work with your designer or architect and builder to enable you incorporate tropical design features into your home right from the contemporary block home to the popular Queenslander and anything else in between. Whether you are renovating your existing home or building a new one, this information was written with you in mind to help you make your home cool.

The Cairns region is usually wet from December to April and dry from the month of May to November. During the hot summer wet season, Cairns experiences prevailing north and north-easterly breezes. The region experiences south and south-easterly trade winds the whole year.

The region experiences temperatures of between 23 to 31 degrees and high temperatures during the summer months.

This can make living conditions uncomfortable and make it hard to keep the home environment cool. Therefore, it is very important to design a home that keeps out heat and maximizes opportunities for cooling breezes.

Well-designed outdoor living areas in tropical areas are among the most popular rooms. The outdoor area needs to be open to prevailing breezes and should also have an insulated roof to stay cool.

You should plan shading in outdoor areas to offer protection from the rain and the sun. It should include things like sails, pergolas, awnings and verandas. Vegetation in outdoor areas can provide shading and breeze filtering which can help enhance the view.

– Install some Sydney outdoor blinds on your patio. These blinds will protect your patio from the sun and help shade it, these work really well when combined with an outdoor fan.

– Create weatherproof, well ventilated outdoor living areas that can easily be accessed from the rest of the house. To make the most of these spaces, you should install screens, fans and power outlets.

– Increase the indoor-outdoor connection of your home by opening on to courtyards, verandas, and tropical gardens with large doors and windows.


– Use eaves to provide protection to outdoor living areas from rain and make them livable all year round.

– Large shade trees can make the outdoor areas cool and filter breezes.

– Courtyard spaces between pavilions create useable outdoor spaces and provide access for breezes to enter the home.

Use Bali Huts and Tropical Plants in Your Backyard

Create a Tropical Retreat in Your Backyard in 10 Easy Steps

Are you yearning to go on a vacation to Cairns but simply have no time to? Most of us would love to go on a break, but with these 10 quick, easy steps, you can make the vacation come to you, right in your backyard. By working with different plants, colours, textures and accessories, you can turn your backyard into the tropical retreat you’ve always dreamt of!


  1. Use Members of the Orchid Family

The orchid family consists of a diverse range of brightly coloured, exotic looking flowers that are certain to create a tropical atmosphere in your garden. No matter where you decide to put them (hanging in baskets from tree branches, or amid the foliage), they’ll remind you of your favourite vacation destinations!

  1. Large Leaves Look Luscious

Plants with large leaves add a dramatic effect to your garden. They are reminiscent of rain forests and jungles, and always invoke a certain mystery about what’s hiding underneath them. Hostas and Ligularia, on the smaller side of larger leaves, fit into any garden perfectly, without over-powering the other plants!

  1. Layer Your Plants

Layering your plants, not only by textures, but also by size, can add an interesting effect to your garden, and can be used to cover unwanted objects and distracting features like a neighbour’s property or wall.


  1. Combine Different Coloured Foliage

In tropical climates, leaves can often be just as colourful as flowers! Using foliage as a source of colour is a great way to vary your plants and to avoid over-using different flowers just to get more colour into your backyard. Foliage also doesn’t rely on a bloom cycle and is therefore a more permanent fixture than many flowers. Copper Leaf and Persian Shield are perfect examples of these

  1. Bright Vines Make a Difference

Many vines native to the tropics flourish equally well in more temperate-zones; passion flowers and golden trumpets are great examples of vines that can add bursts of colour to walls, and fixtures!

  1. Bright Flowers Attract Bright Butterflies

A colourful garden full of different plants and flowers is more than likely to attract colourful butterflies and birds to your garden – adding an even more tropical, magical feel to your backyard. What’s a tropical retreat without some exotic wildlife?!

  1. Go for Green

It may seem obvious, but when it comes to creating a tropical garden, or any garden for that matter, the greener the better. It has a calming, fresh effect that makes you want to spend more time outside, even on some hot summer days. Add plants that provide some shade, for example philodendrons with large leaves.


  1. Textures Add Range and Diversity

Layering different textures, colours, shapes and sizes is an essential component to any garden design. Combining leaves with long ridged edges with a plant with more smoothly textured, round leaves can have a surprisingly exotic effect! Mixing different textures also adds to your garden a certain spontaneity reminiscent of tropical jungles!

Building real timber structures that use native timber instead of steel will add a huge amount character to your yard while mimicking the natural environment. Bali Huts in Brisbane have recently become extremely popular, with people putting these amazing thatched roof gazebos in their pool areas and  bbq areas to create the ultimate tropical oasis.

Brisbane Bali Huts


  1. Water Makes the World Go Round

Water features can add an element of tranquillity to your garden. Whether it’s made available in a waterfall or as a longer water feature, there’s something about the sound and look of water flowing that’ll make you imagine a stream in the middle of a rain forest!

  1. Add Stones

Create a natural looking pavement with any stones that are available to you; they add a more authentic feel to your garden. You can match the stones to your garden and plants, as well as to your home’s exterior.

Now that you know the basics, improvise using these points as guidelines and follow your instincts! Don’t be afraid to experiment – create your own backyard oasis as you envision it!

Aboriginal Culture in Cairns

As everyday Australians it is not often that we get to  experience the culture of the original inhabitants of Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders only make up a small percentage of the Australian population, but their culture and traditions are being kept alive by dedicated indigenous communities throughout the country.

One of those communities is the people Tjapukai people of Kuranda. “Tjapukai” is translated to “Rainforest” and “Buma” which is what the Tjapukai are also often referred to as, means “people of the rainforest”.

On the way to Kuranda, near the bottom of the Skyrail is located the Tjapukai Cultural Park. Opened in 1987, the park is a 25 acre park, claiming the title of Australia’s largest indigenous culture park and it is very popular with the tourists of Cairns.

The park holds sessions where you can learn about the people’s history, customs and culture. You will also be able to experience things like dance and music (something that is central to the indigenous way of life) including learning how to play a didgeridoo. You can also get in-touch with your inner hunter by trying out some spear and boomerang throwing activities which are a big hit with the kids.

Overall it’s a must see attraction for adults and kids alike. It is essential that we support these types of cultural attractions as we want this important culture to still be thriving in 100 years time, it is an important part of Australia’s identity, and one that we should all embrace.

Cairns Hilton Undergoing Renovation

The Cairns Hilton has just commenced an extensive renovation program, to refresh the hotel back to it’s former glory. The Hotel will be getting a new Pool, a Kid’s Play Centre, putt putt course, 20 new rooms in an adjacent building, as well as a roof restoration and double glazing to the room windows.

The New Pool

The new pool will be a 25m lap pool which will be adults only (sorry kids), mostly aimed at business professionals visiting the area. It will cost $1.2m to build and should be complete at the end of July.

Roof Restoration

The roof repairs and rejuvenation program will be completed by The Roofing People, these guys have been doing roof restoration sydney for 4 years, they know what they are doing.

Kid’s Play Centre

The kids play centre will more than make up for the fact that the new pool is restricted to adults. It will be designed by a leading playground designer and will be the headquarters for the Hilton kids club.

Putt Putt Course

So apparently these things are still popular, I’m sure there will be plenty of Windmills and Clowns at the new putt putt course, the new course will be designed using state-of-the-art artificial grass surfaces which don’t get too hot on those 40 degree days in Cairns.


Cairns Businesses – Get Found!

Whether you are in Cairns or Sydney, the internet is literally blowing up right now.

Each time people use the internet to search for a product or service, they are likely to buy something that fits their needs perfectly. Thus, search engine marketing or SEM works by targeting your business to make it visible to prospects who are currently looking for a similar product online. In simpler terms, it puts your business right in front of potential customers, which increases your chances of making a sale.

Generate Leads

Sydney based marketing company Net Spring says “Search engine marketing makes sure that your business never sleeps, as it drives traffic to your website at any time of the day or night”. Considering the fact that there are millions of online searches conducted 24/7, it helps your business a great deal if your ads are always visible on search engines.

Create Brand Awareness

The more visible your website is, the greater your chances of getting more traffic and higher conversion rates. In fact, you probably share the same idea that websites in the top 10 ranking of search results are worth visiting. So, if people see your business website often, they are more likely to remember you the next time they need your services.

Save More Money

If you have tried using conventional forms of advertising, you might have spent hundreds of dollars just to get the word out about your business. With search engine marketing, you don’t have to go beyond your budget if you have a product to share with your target audience. In addition, you can quickly track your results in real-time or use an online tool such as Google Analytics to identify your campaign’s strengths and weakness.

Gain a Competitive Edge

In a highly competitive market, you need to stay light years ahead of other businesses within your niche. SEM lets you achieve this goal as it offers maximum exposure and greater traffic to your business. Since numerous businesses are already using SEM and exploring its features, then it is about time that you jump in the bandwagon and remain competitive. Engage a Sydney SEO like Net Spring if you want a real edge.

If you are not found online, then your target market may never know your business at all. Since a huge percentage of people rely on the internet to search for businesses that cater to their needs, it only makes sense to start leveraging online tools for your success. What you need is to gain more visibility to boost your traffic and sales – and SEM makes all of these possible! So, start exploring the benefits of SEM and stay ahead of the pack in terms of popularity and ROI.

Top 10 Things To Do In Cairns

Cairns is a wonderful place to visit and there is always a lot to do in order to keep you entertained. However, just to make life a little bit easier, here are the top 10 things to do when visiting.

1. Tropical Zoo

There is so much wildlife in Australia that it makes perfect sense to see as much as possible of it in a controlled way. The tropical zoo has various wildlife shows every single day including your chance to get quite up close and personal to some native species. It is a five star attraction and perfect for all of the family.

2. Rainforestation Nature Park

This is a short ride outside of Cairns, but it is an absolute must. You get to visit a real rainforest, with this park covering 100 acres, along with a series of tours and a very impressive koala park as well. If you love nature, then you are going to love this.

3. Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Situated on the outskirts of Cairns, this Skyrail rainforest cableway is going to give you a new perspective on the local area. It takes you on a ride that covers 7.5km and over gorges and the rainforest and it is certainly spectacular. Of course you should avoid if you have a fear of heights, but if you go on there do remember your camera.

4. Kurandu Scenic Railway

This railway goes from Cairns to Kurandu and to say that it goes through sone stunning scenery is a bit of an understatement. You pass through rainforest, waterfalls, and some wonderfully rugged mountains and who could turn down the chance tobsee all of that? The journey may not be that long, but it is worth it.

5. Great Barrier Reef

Is it possible for you to visit this part of the world and not check out the Great Barrier Reef? There is not much else that needs to be said about this, but you should seriously consider going on boat tours or perhaps some scuba diving in order to check it out closer up.

6. Barron Gorge National Park

This place is cool and even though you have a bit of a journey to get there it really is an absolute must. This place is huge with a massive waterfall and so many areas to explore. It is great for hiking and the scenery is spectacular.

7. Fitzroy Island

This island is a national park and it is located some 27km south of Cairns. It is well worth visiting even just to see its coral reef that surrounds this tropical island that also has its own rainforest on its interior. There is also a fabulous resort and it is also an enjoyable 45 minute ferry ride to get there.

8. Palm Cove

Palm Cove is 27km north of Cairns, but if you want a classical tropical beach complete with palm trees, then this is the place for you. The sand is amazing, it is pretty quiet, the views are outstanding, and the weather is always going to be perfect. Is there a better place to be?

9. Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

If you have a family, then what better place to take them than to the Australian butterfly sanctuary? It is situated in the heart of Kuranda and it is full of these amazing insects that will leave your little kid speechless.

10. Adventure North’s Daintree Dreaming tour

The Aborigines have been in this area for thousands of years, so it makes sense to spend some time learning about their history and culture. That means that you should go on the Daintree Dreaming tour and perhaps think about an overnight safari along with guided talks and tours by Aborigine elders.